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Cloud Brushes

A few years ago, the thing that got me into graphic design was signature design. One technique that I learned was to smudge the background and other objects into the image. One of the effects that could occur was that the image would become cloudy. A few days ago, I thought about using the effect to virtually create clouds out of nothing but brushes. After discovering that my experiment worked, I decided to create a brush set out of the multiple clouds I had created. I ended up creating twenty of them. The clouds are between 200 and 600 pixels in width. Enjoy!


Fractal Friday Set 6

For some reason or another, I’ve found myself creating quite a few fractals with a circular theme going on. I thought I’d put them all into one set for you guys as sort of a “theme” set.

Download them one by one below, or download the zip file here.


29 Fireworks Stocks

Need stocks for a project involving fireworks? Go ahead and use one of mine from a selection of 29, all 4000 by 3000 pixels. For any type of use.

Fireworks Stocks by Psychicmind


3 Smoke Stocks

Had some fun with Photoshop recently. I found a simple tutorial for creating smoke. I ended up with three renders.

Click on an image to view a higher resolution of the image.


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