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C4d set 16

So, I actually have a few sets of c4ds ready to post. I just haven’t got around to posting them.

Here we have a set of three effects c4ds. Again, c4ds like these are best used with blending modes such as screen. Great for adding a sparkle-like effect to your image.


C4d set 6

I think I’m getting better at creating smooth c4ds. Here’s some more effect c4ds.


C4D set 5

More effect c4ds. Use them well.


C4D set 4

A few effect c4ds, two with blue bubbles and one with an abstract explosion.


C4D set 2

Here are three more C4Ds. These are different from the last one in that they’re called effect C4Ds. Effect C4Ds are made more for lighting effects in signatures and avatars through use of blending modes such as screen or linear dodge. Of course, there may be others uses, so don’t be afraid to experiment with them.