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C4d set 8

More abstract c4ds. Sort of a blue theme, here.


C4d set 7

It’s been a while since I’ve posted abstract c4ds. Here’s some that I’ve actually done quite a while ago but have only just now gotten around to posting.


C4D set 3

Just a few abstract c4ds for today. Put them to good use. The first two are more for vector-based images, while the last one is just pretty dang cool.


New Project: C4d’s

Sorry for the week long hiatus. Some things regarding graduation had come up, but since I’m almost done with that, I can return to offering you great resources.

So, one project I’ve recently been looking into is Cinema 4D. The program is great for making three-dimensional images, such as for movies. But one use of the program is to create 3D graphics for use in signatures and wallpapers.

So, to start this off, I’m giving away three abstract C4ds. Hope you enjoy them.